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October 28, 2015

Мероприятия по проекту «Библиотека как коворкинг-площадка для развития и обучения местного сообщества»

October 19, 2015

International Open Access Week - October 19-25, 2015

September 10, 2015

Коворкинг-библиотеки трех областей Кыргызстана начинают свою работу в сентябре

June 2, 2015

Библиотечно-информационный консорциум Кыргызстана объявляет о проведении 16-й Международной конференции «Иссык-Куль 2015: Библиотеки и демократизация общества», которая будет проводиться с 1 по 5 октября 2015 г. в санатории «Иссык-Куль - Аврора»

April 13, 2015

Предложения и дополнения к Закону "О библиотечном деле"

Febrary 2, 2015

On January 22, 2015 a meeting between the heads of leading libraries of Kyrgyzstan and Springer representative Mr. Seymur Rasulov (Dubai, UAE) was held.

October 10, 2014

PlumX Вебинар от компании EBSCO Information Services 15 октября 2014 г.

May 27, 2014

Библиотечно-информационный консорциум Кыргызстана сердечно поздравляет коллег с профессиональным праздником - Днем библиотек!

December 2, 2013

A practical training workshop "Development of virtual library services: implementation of SubjectsPlus in the libraries practices" took place at the Library of the Kyrgyz State Technical University on November 26, 2013

August 27, 2013

The 14th International conference "Issyk Kul 2013: Libraries and Democratization of Society" will take place on October 1-5, 2013 at "Issyk Kul Aurora" resort on the shore of the Issyk Kul Lake


New project of the Kyrgyz Libraries Information Consortium


Kyrgyz Libraries Information Consortium has won a grant of EIFL-Public Library Innovation Programme for the  "Public libraries in TB promotion - a new initiative to reverse the trend of tuberculosis in Kyrgyzstan" project (


Terms: November 1, 2011 -October 31, 2012.


Tuberculosis is a global health concern. In Central Asia, Kyrgyzstan has all the ingredients favoring the rapid spread of the disease; the current trend necessitates scaling up of prevention activities. Medical interventions alone cannot contain transmission of tuberculosis; civil societies and community-based organizations play an indispensable role in the prevention of the disease. With this notion the Kyrgyzstan Libraries Information Consortium (KLIC), a representative body of libraries in the country, proposes a project with the objective to raise awareness, address stigma and advocate social support for communities vulnerable to tuberculosis.


The project is because of the above dire needs and is geared to control the alarming spread of tuberculosis in Kyrgyzstan, a common goal for all participating in the national tuberculosis programme. Public libraries, having facilities to disseminate information and being a link with communities through their users, are in a good position to take up such role.


Participating libraries:

  • - Republic Library for Children and Youth,
  • - Chyi Oblast Library,
  • - Novo-Pokrovka Library (rural).


These libraries have been selected to promote tuberculosis among target groups distinct to each catchment area.


Target groups: library users, school teachers and pupils, community members, local authorities and political leaders, academics and media.


The above target groups will be involved in the project by participating in workshops, presentations, discussions, joint  meetings and campaing activities..


Participating libraries will work closely with local authorities, community organizations and media to raise awareness in communities.


A  short story about new service is available at


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